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January 15 2018


Starszy serwisy randkowe prawdopodobnie być wspaniały proces poznawania ludzi. Starszy serwis randkowy-to najprostszy podejście, aby zapewnić emerytów i rencistów w charakterze osiągnięcia społecznej aktywności, z jakich oni dysponują. Serwisy randkowe można odnaleźć kogoś wyjątkowego.
Internetowe serwisy randkowe są w mieszkanie osiągnąć Swoją inspirację do działania. Jeśli szukasz najlepszy serwis randkowy w internecie, to trafiłeś w idealne miejsce. Starszy wizyty w Inna Zelandia jeśli poszukujesz najlepszy serwis randkowy w internecie, to dotarłem w optymalne miejsce. Czarny lub afro-amerykańskie strony internetowe randki traktują ciż szansę poznać wielu innych gości oraz zaszczepić niektóre gry w prostym istnieniu.
Nie dysponuje stron wartość są te, jakie są dostępne dla ludziach, i w ostatni forma, istnieje duża liczba ludzi. Nasz starszy serwis randkowy. W czym stoi sekret fantastycznej starszy serwis randkowy, by uzyskać ogromną ilość uczestników w wieku powyżej 55 lat, którzy podejrzewają o randkach. Jednak istnieją pewne serwisy randkowe, gdzie trzeba odwiedzić, jeśli próbujesz znaleźć swoją bliską duszę.


Wizyty w internecie mogą stanowić bezpieczne, trzeba tylko podjąć odpowiednie środki ostrożności. Internet dating jest więc typowe w własnych czasach. Randki internetowe toż najsilniejszy podejście, by znaleźć relacje. Jak ma on do wykonywania ze starymi randki w internecie, należy i wybrać, ile chcesz przekazać na przedsiębiorstwo, jeśli w zespole. Możemy za darmo starszy randki w necie są samymi spośród najbardziej znanych stron internetowych randkowy dla lalek oraz przyjaciół.


Randki online mogą posłużyć Ci znaleźć partnera, to zajmie tylko parę minut, aby się zarejestrować. Randki internetowe-to dla ludziach, a już jest zużywany przez miliony ludzi, jak wygodne i dostępne narzędzie do budowania meczu. Starszy randki w internecie jest wygodne, niezawodne metody, aby sprostać singli lokalnie. Istnieje zatem cudowny lekarstwo na zapoznanie się z jednym starszym osobom na pokładzie lokalnym.

August 31 2017




You grow up and you realise A Bug’s Life was the revolutionary Leftist masterpiece of our childhoods

I’m not even slightly kidding

Ants are the workforce doing the labour needed to survive, and they have to do it twice over to provide for both themselves and for a group of parasites who do nothing but consume the labour of others

The ants work themselves near to death trying to stay afloat

The grasshoppers don’t even need any food. They have tons to spare but still insist on taking the food the ants worked for because they ‘deserve’ it, despite actually contributing nothing of value. The only reason this works is by threatening ants with force and degrading them so they feel weak and worthless, and insisting that the grasshoppers deserve a cut for some vague service they claim to provide to society

In reality Hopper is desperate to stop the ants from thinking for themselves, keeping them ignorant of the fact that he has subjugated ants through threats of power while the ants actually overpower the grasshoppers through sheer numbers.

And should the ants ever realise that the grasshoppers take from them while providing nothing and that revolution is possible, the class system they’ve installed will be finished.

tl;dr feed the 1% to birds




I just want to bring to attention the fact that Horikoshi gave All Might’s character his particular appearance out of spite, All Might looks the way he looks out of spite

People actually said “who would want to look like him?” and “ugh he looks old” and “it would be more appealing if he was pretty and attractive”

So Horikoshi was like “Nah fuck u he’s great as he is” 

and I love this even more because everyone loves All Might, he didn’t need to be a pretty boy to be a fantastic, well-written, and lovable character and also the fact that Horikoshi drew him like this and puts even more effort into drawing him out of spite is hilarious to me





that adhd feel when you

wait, hold on, I forgot the joke, give me a second

no idea where I was going with this but mood

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hey Marina what the fuck hey Marina what the fuck hey Marina what the fuck hey Marina what the fuck HEY MARINA WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

baby elephants are so CUTE


Adding more elephant facts to the compilation!


Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] 

I love elephants so much 💕

As if I needed more reasons to love elephants 😩😩

elephants have my heart 

Elephants crying? Shit i almost cried

The GOP doesn’t deserve them.

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Dream of the Rotting God

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Charging after a long day !

休息 !

August 30 2017



a tree…















I still think it’s hilarious that the reason nobody ever figures out Superman’s secret identity or where he lives or what he does when he’s not saving the planet, is because he already told them all the Kryptonian stuff that can’t be tied to any of his human friends or family. I guarantee you the in-universe wikipedia article on Superman lists his name as Kal-El and the “personal life” section says that he lives full-time at his private fortress of solitude at the north pole. Nobody in the world looks at Clark Kent and thinks “oh my god, maybe he’s superman!” for the same reason nobody ever starts to suspect that their coworker who looks KINDA like Barack Obama is actually secretly Barack Obama – They know who Barack Obama is and know what he does and they know their coworker Greg is Greg and not Barack Obama. They have no reason to assume Barack Obama secretly moonlights as Greg The IT Guy at their workplace even though they’ve never seen Greg and Obama in the same place. At best, “Greg is secretly Obama” would be a running joke at the office, and the same is true at the Daily Planet. “Kal-El of Krypton, who lives in a CRYSTAL PALACE at the NORTH POLE and whose dayjob is SUPERMAN, sometimes puts on a suit and pretends to be a clumsy reporter and lives in a one-bedroom walkup in Metropolis” is a ridiculous concept to anyone who doesn’t already know it’s true


[From Max Landis’ amazing “American Alien” series about Superman.]



His shit eating grin in the last one sells it

I love the idea of Clark Kent turning up to every office Halloween party in an ill-fitting Superman costume from Target.

Still one of my favorite clips from Superman: The Animated Series.

This has gotten bigger since I last saw it ant that’s FANTASTIC

Henry Cavill literally once stood in Time Square, in a superman t-shirt, under a giant poster of himself and no one recognised him, even though he was actively trying to be recognised.

I’ve never seen this post but it just became my favorite post on the internet

Wanna know the kicker?

In the first chapter of JLA’s “Divided We Fall Arc” both Clark and Bruce reveal their civilian identities to the rest of the League. This is post “Tower of Babel” where nobody but Clark still trusts Batman, and in order to start building trust again, Clark urges Bruce to unmask himself to the rest of the team because Bruce obviously knows who everyone else is. Bruce agrees on one condition, Clark has to “unmask” himself as well.

When the big reveal goes down, Kyle Rayner says it best re: Clark being Superman: “He doesn’t…wear a mask. I never even…thought he had a…day job…”

That’s right, the canon reason why nobody makes the connection between Superman and Clark Kent is because nobody thinks that Superman HAS a civilian identity.

Also, with a really good actor, Clark Kenting is entirely possible, as Christopher Reeve demonstrates in the 1978 Superman film.

There was actually a story where a scientist at Lexcorp developed a computer program to analyse all available evidence and work out who Superman is

It figured out he was Clark…and Lex fired the scientist for wasting company resources because he COULDN’T BELIEVE that Superman would ever “Pretend” to be human because it would mean pretending to be “Weak”

90% of Superman’s disguise is everyone else doing the work for him

the best secret identity of all.

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shut the hell your mouth

my production rig

dont talk to me if your rig doesn’t look like this

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Jurassic Park remastered


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You’ve been saving his life so many times, one day he’ll do the same for you

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This is a serious issue though.

Ferrai has this bullshit agreement that if you buy one of their cars new off the lot, you have to sign a contract saying you basically don’t own the car and have to uphold their brand standards with it.

It’s sets a startling example of not owning something despite buying it and the court needs to use this as a chance to strike it down as unethical.

This shit again? And I thought it was bad enough with ford and john deer telling farmers they didn’t own the tractors they bought from them….

Yeah, they have this really unethical clause in the purchase contract you can’t modify the car or do anything with it that they’d consider “unbecoming of the brand”, which is why they were able file this suit.

It seems kind of bizarre at first until you realize how horrifying that is in the age of “do you own what you buy?” being a huge a debate (especially in tech).

This is pretty much Ferrari’s philosophy from the start, they are extremely prideful of their cars like if they were made from God’s hands or something. They are very snobby, infact the owner of Ferrari doesn’t like the people who buy their cars since because they are bought for “status”. They also never test their cars on public tracks in comparison with other racing cars like when they wanted to test out the Porche 918 Spyder vs The McLaren P1 vs LaFerrari. Take a guess who bailed out on the performance test.

Just an update

Lambo are the perfect people to jump in on this because they make insane cars and they are never above clowning them up because Lambo are all about THE DRAMA ™

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